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just marvelous! thanks to all the talented people that made this possible!

congrats! 30 sure is a weird number, but you have a Charizard! awesome video.

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β€œIt froze on a blue screen of game over, I reset the pc but all my files got lost, don't delete System 32, if you want to re-explore all the folders.β€œ

5/5 will install again.

Awesome game!

Great game! Boise was a cool surprise!

when finishing Reno for the first time, Seattle had already a skull and not a target, that was odd.

TomFulp responds:

That should be fixed now, I hope!

Congratulations on your first game on Newgrounds!

It's a simple platformer with nice graphics, the frog is especially funny. It needs more polish.

it's a weird mechanic that you respawn when you hit the enemy with more than one life.

I don't know if it is only me but the keys can't be pressed together at times making that the character just jump on place or only run.

mayor problem: at the end of the game it gives an error about embedded youtube.

hope to see more of the ninja frog!

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SO RAD! It was a surprise to find the mczee tag already in NG! it made me so happy! I needed to find who created it and to find such a great remix is awesome! I love it!

cool song!

excellent work!

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great work!

they look interesting and cool!

koseta responds:

yaaay thank you for the feedback! πŸ’€πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

cool design!

The clean look and vibrant colors grab my attention, so the changes maybe were onto something, your overall presentation is very good.

As a reference sheet it is very useful, but I think it will be interesting to have another expression as reference to understand the character a little better and his rules, as examples: can he open his mouth?, is always smiling even if sad? just a simple drawing added below the main image, even as another image, would be great.

DuckDuck1ngton responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you like the design, guess it was a good call to go with the changes :P

And you're right there, some more drawings would be good to figure him out. I was planning to make a full reference sheet in the future though, with turnarounds and expressions and all.
If ur interested in seeing more of him I posted a thread on my Twitter recently with a bunch of drawings with them https://twitter.com/DuckDuckingtonn/status/1357780020660477953?s=19

Gracias por visitar mis trabajos!
Thanks for visit my works!

Manuel Jofre Poza @MANUNAM




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