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Posted by MANUNAM - March 8th, 2021



Thanks for all the reviews and support!

A lot of changes and little tweeks, the new patch for Path Of Dragon is here! and all Ghost Town Team are super happy for this release, a lot of things that we had almost ready for the first release are in the game!

Thanks for the +5,700 Views!

The 35 Faves and the 166 Votes with a Score of 3.66 of 5.00!

The problem with the Medals is still strong, you can't unlock them in your account yet, but you can see where they popup! Can you find the two? The game has bugs, but nothing should give a dead end (I hope!).

The Biggest News are:


a new system for encounters!

and a new monster!


And ITEMS!! to use inside or outside of combat!

to enhance strategic thinking!

and a lot of other mysterious things....

Adrian17 and Mike through Ruffle discord give me the OK to use the Ruffle logo on the game. I wanted to give to all of Ruffle a little spotlight for all their great work keeping flash online and allowing it to be playable in mobile!

Path Of Dragon is specially tailored for playing on the phone, with a grid of 9 Big Buttons all the time. have you tried it on your phone? Tell us what you think.

Thanks for Reading!

Ghost Town Team:


Posted by MANUNAM - March 5th, 2021


Thanks to the wonderful people that play Path Of Dragon!

and more so to all of you that leave your thoughts and kind words!

I'd like to inform you that all of Ghost Town Team is reading all the comments, and a new version is coming soon. I personally will answer to all in the moment the new POD is online so all can get a notification and check it out.

We thought the new iteration would be sooner, but the ancient flash mx (the best one) is giving some unexpected behaviours on the ending, and with the medals so a restructuring is in place.

Many of the team is new to Newgrounds, or was only here in the old days so it is really special for me to share this project for the flash forward jam with them! Thank you for giving them a nice welcome!


Ghost Town Team:



Posted by MANUNAM - December 28th, 2020



Posted by MANUNAM - November 28th, 2020

My Secret Santa ref is in this post !

So it looks like I'm in the secret santa event and it is really exciting! but it made me realize that I don't have OC on my NG account so you can expect some of them to show up around here soon.


As @Template88 (that is the most angry-kind person I have the pleasure to read) was asking for a better reference in general I made this to help the mysterious person that gets to be my santa:

The character that I submit is my avatar. That's me!


an old auto retrate on pencil and digital color.

  • The collar on the image is a real Inuyasha prop I made for my Wife.
  • I'm using a nice purple shirt with short sleeves
  • my hat was the most beautiful and authentic Gardel like fedora, a true tango hat, that my grandpa give to my and I use all the time, the fedora is so aged by my use that it looks like a "fisherman hat"
  • the fedora have a fashion metal stud on the side
  • Sometimes it has a metal buckle hook or a small simple color pin.
  • I have hazel eyes

So here is my reference image from that time on meme format!


and a actualization I made for you today, also I draw myself on this art Jam :


draw me as you like I just want you to have fun, here is a photo, I don't have many simple photos, almost all are in cosplay/costume with masks.



Posted by MANUNAM - November 14th, 2020

Yesterday something magical happened. a promise was kept and a year long project ended on youtube. To commemorate Unus Annus I made a little video loop and created my first Twitter account, I find it fitting after all as my youtube account was created to join the ride.

If someone needs to explain Unus Annus it's easy, it was ART. We, all who joined the experience lived a true online "happening" a really unique experience. Mark and Ethan made history.

Memento Mori


Posted by MANUNAM - November 14th, 2020

I didn't make it to halloween but I will be posting anyway soon. It has a little technical problem.

Posted by MANUNAM - October 27th, 2020

Wow, what a october! I get to win on MADNESSDAY (I'm so happy!) and a friend got me a short but really intense gig, it was fun and the money helped a lot.. But was time consuming and I didn't get to make something more than a concept piece and a 3d model for the Among us jam. But it was really awesome to see the great works that were submitted!

Halloween is the next in my list!

and I got there something baking for it, something interesting (I hope).

..thanks for checking my work!




Posted by MANUNAM - September 19th, 2020

I hope you all have a great Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARrr!

Couldn't make something more "pirate" for the occasion but at least recently upload a drawing of a

mermaid and that must count for something.

I'm thinking of making something for this year Madness Day and maybe for the Among us Jam, but the animation is still something that is really time consuming and hard for me to pull off for a specific date.

..anyway thanks for checking my work!


Anglermaid PinUp



Posted by MANUNAM - July 31st, 2020

It has been a loong and hard year, for everyone, but things are looking better. I'm working

in a really heavy, but awesome, proyect and hope soon will be posting some WIP here.

I don't have much time to be goofing around, but the needed break is a good time in

Newgrounds! and the Neo Geo Jam! is just a perfect time for something different and fun.

If I can find some time maybe I will do another neo geo entry, I love those games.

check my first entry: Neo-Geo Flying Ace



Posted by MANUNAM - January 27th, 2020

starting a little late the year, but on a good note.

check my pixel day piece